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Dippy, the famous Diplodocus from the Natural History Museum, will be visiting Rochdale from February to June 2020.  He will be on display at Number One Riverside with an accompanying exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale. 

The themes of the exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale are biodiversity and sustainability and will focus on Dippy, dinosaurs and the world they lived in but also ask challenging questions about the future and inspire debate about biodiversity and sustainability. Visitors will leave with a greater understanding of the importance of the natural world and of supporting the biodiversity of local flora and fauna.

We would like members of the public to help create a swarm of 500 knitted bees to be displayed in the galleries of Touchstones Rochdale in 2020. 
The installation of knitted bees will highlight the importance of this insect in preserving biodiversity and why we need to look after our world.   

There are two different sized bees to knit and you'll find the patterns on the right hand side of this page.

At the end of the exhibition, we will raise money for a biodiversity project in Rochdale by selling the bees by suggested donation.


This project has been generously supported by the Museums Development North West Natural History Adventures Programme 2018-2020